Dara. 15 springs old. brazil. dance and turn it all around.   


Sometimes when you need help,
you turn to people you’d never expect.

teen wolf [+] season two

"call me medusa
for my monstrosity is not
mine to bear,
but yours to fear."

a.c (via mythaelogy)

Amy Pond appreciation week:  Day 2: Favorite Hairstyles or Outfits

Artist:Unknown Lana Del Rey
Title: UnknownOff To The Races
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”high school dance?”

         ”- formal.”

I really just want to change the way that women think about themselves, a lot of young girls are quite lost. I was. In parts I still am. I think it would be cool for women to feel like they connect to someone who is also a bit scruffy. I’m not clean-cut and perfect, I say dumb shit and I fall over, and I want girls to know that’s cool.


Illustrated Pattern Collection by DrawBabyDraw